Get Full Order Protection

Trade Assurance

Sourcing with a new supplier?
Use Trade Assurance to protect your orders.

A FREE Payment Protection Service

100% Product quality protection
100% On-time shipment protection
100% Payment protection

To get full protection:

1. CONFIRM your order online with a Trade Assurance supplier.
Inspection Service

Ogwugo Inspection Service assures product quality.

The inspector will visit the factory or port, photograph the products & validate the
certificate to ensure that the goods being produced and shipped reach quality

e-Credit Line

For powerful trade financing, think e-Credit Line.

e-Credit Line is designed to finance purchases on from Chinese
suppliers. You can obtain financial loans as long as the amount is over US $5,000
and if credit is available.

Logistics Service

Ensure that your products get delivered to you. We offer transparent & competitive
prices, online shipment tracking, guaranteed service delivery.

Business Identity Service

Get verified and build trust with suppliers via Ogwugo Business Identity Service.
Displaying your verification status would increase response rate from suppliers.

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