Inspection Services

...Quality Assurance Solution


Inspect your products before

Identify quality
defects before

Reduce import risks

Minimizes returns


Top Inspectors

  • Industry leasers known for their
    quality and integrity
  • Professional and experienced

Competitive Prices

  • Take advantage of's
    negotiated rates
  • Lower than normal market prices

Online Reports

  • Track inspection progression in real-time
  • View inspection results conveniently

Efficient Service

  • Book 3 working days in advance
  • Inspection report released within 2
    working days

What is Ogwugo Inspection Sevice?

Ogwugo inspection service helps to check the product and ensure the authenticity.

We give understanding to real product and make sure our product are standardized.

We have certain team that works with us to ensure effectiveness.

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