Quality Assurance of Products


Ogwugo Quality Assurance envelopes every process involved in improving the quality of goods for maximum satisfaction of customers. You get first-hand quality goods from Ogwugo at affordable prices and prices can also be subsidized in relation to the number of goods ordered.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is ensuring products are safe, effective, of good quality and available
to the customer.

Quality assurance at the Global Fund includes a framework of processes, standards and
requirements that apply to products as well as practices

For supply chain management, this means ensuring that:

  • The source and quality of the raw materials entering into the finished product meet
    accepted quality standards

  • Manufacturing processes are in line with international quality standards

  • Quality control measures are in place and adequate

  • Appropriate regulatory approvals and marketing authorizations are in place

  • Procurement and logistics systems maintain the quality of the products and support
    access and availability

  • Information is provided in timely fashion to customers

  • The management of end-of-life of health care products considers environmental

Key stakeholders in quality assurance include:

  • Manufacturers

  • National regulatory authorities

  • Quality control laboratories

  • National procurement systems

  • International agencies

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